Why Choose An Airport Hotel

When travelling anywhere there can often be the decision of whether or not to book a hotel at the airport for the night before your flight. This is something I have done several times at Manchester, London Gatwick and London Heathrow airports. 

There are several reasons why it’s good to book an airport hotel for the night before your flight including:

 – chance to relax the evening before your flight

– less worry about whether you will face any travel issues such as train cancellations or delays on the motorway 

– if you are travelling as a group a hotel can be a good meeting point

– chance to have a sleep in on the morning of your flight due to being close to the airport

Staying at an airport hotel the night before a flight is something I like to do especially if it’s an early flight that I have but I also see it as a way to start my trip earlier.

At Manchester Airport I’ve stayed at Radisson as well as Crowne Plaza Hotel, personally I prefer staying at Crowne Plaza. An advantage to staying at the Radisson is you are able to walk from the hotel to the airport terminal but staying at Crowne Plaza you can take a bus which they provide. Staying at the Radisson I found that the beds were a lot more uncomfortable than the ones at Crowne Plaza. At Crowne Plaza hotel they have an Asian restaurant which serves delicious food making this a good reason alone to choose staying at this hotel the night before a flight. 

At London Heathrow I have stayed at the Crowne Plaza hotel numerous times but upon my last visit to the hotel you could see it was needing some serious renovation work on the rooms. To get to the airport from the hotel there is a hopper bus which goes to all five Heathrow terminals. If breakfast is something that is important to you when choosing a hotel then I would recommend Crowne Plaza as they do provide a brilliant breakfast. If you are driving to Heathrow airport there is the option to leave your at the car park within Crowne Plaza. 

At Gatwick airport I’ve stayed at Hilton Hotel which is located a short walk from the terminal making it easily accessible. 

Are you someone who chooses to stay at an airport hotel the night before your flight?


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