A New Year Ahead…


I hope you’ve all had a lovely Christmas and New Year!

2020 is a year that none of us will ever forget and it’s also a year that none of us could’ve imagined. We all started the year with big expectations and plans especially myself as I was heading to Australia and had plans to take my first solo trip to Los Angeles later in the year. I feel lucky that I managed to go to Australia as well as Dubai last year as I landed back in the UK a week before the first lockdown. As someone who is classed as a key worker as I work in food retail, throughout the lockdown I continued going to work as usual. As the year went on it was obvious to see that the virus was not going away quick which also saw us go in to a second lockdown and start having different tiers across the country. Personally I found 2020 to be a really hard year due to the limitations of what we can do as well as sadly losing my Grandad. 

2021 has started with another lockdown due to a surge in cases. It’s really important to make sure we are remaining safe, keeping our distance and wearing our masks so that we can return to what we know as normal life sooner rather than later and to also help protect everybody.  There is now two different vaccines to help protect us against the virus which I hope we are all able to get soon. 

For this year I am going to try and be a lot more positive and focus a lot more on my blog as I neglected it last year. Instead of posting weekly I am going to be posting every other week until I feel that I am able to post weekly. Due to working full time I am struggling to find the right balance between work and writing my blog, as I work towards getting the balance right I will hopefully be able to post more as I will begin to schedule ahead. 

Travel is something that we are not able to do at the moment but I will be posting some posts which are related to my trip to Australia from last year for the next few months. I had a trip to Dubai booked for February to celebrate my Dad’s 60th Birthday which has been cancelled and I also have a trip in March booked to go to Los Angeles which will probably be cancelled as well. In June I am 30 so we have booked a trip to go to Orlando, Florida but to visit in September. I am looking to spend this year exploring more of what the UK has to offer once it is safe to do so. 

I do not have too much planned for this year as I have some shows which have been rescheduled from last year. I am being careful as not to plan too much as we do not know when restrictions are going to be eased. In February I have time booked off which will be spent celebrating my Dad’s 60th at home in the best way possible and I will also be spending some time redecorating my bedroom. 

Any tips or ideas for UK destinations are welcomed.

Do you have plans or goals for the year ahead?


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  1. PedroL says:

    Hey Laura 🙂 my plan is to discover more of my country and then in July/August try to travel abroad… I miss so much to travel, it’s been a tough year as you may imagine! Happy 2021 and cheers from Portugal! 🙂 PedroL

    1. I miss travel too, I think it’s the perfect time to explore our countries that little bit more

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