Do I Feel Safe to Travel…

Travel is something that I am passionate about which is also the reason I started this blog so that I had somewhere to share my passion. 

Due to the worldwide pandemic travel is something that we are not really able to do at the moment. There are some countries that are allowing people to travel and there are some people who are still choosing to travel which is their choice. A lot of countries do have rules in place for if you are wishing to travel as you need to have a negative test before being allowed to enter the country. 

Do I feel safe to travel at the moment?

My answer is no, as when you see the news from different countries around the world you see the cases are going up and down a lot. I also see that each country is dealing with things very differently which I don’t agree with, I don’t even agree with the way the UK is handling the pandemic. I wish that we all could take the same approach that Australia and New Zealand took towards the pandemic. There is now vaccines which I think could help get travel moving again as some countries may specify that you have to have the vaccine before being able to enter the country.  I had a trip to Dubai booked for February to celebrate my Dad’s 60th which has been cancelled and I also had a trip to Los Angeles in March which will likely be cancelled. 

Will I travel abroad this year?

I don’t know as this will depend on the virus. At the moment I would say the only possibility of going abroad this year would be to Orlando in September. In December I’m hoping for a Christmas break which I like to take on a yearly basis. 

Travel plans are something that I don’t feel that I am able to make unfortunately. Any additional travel plans I make for this year would most likely be last minute. Exploring the UK is something that I’ve not really done in the past so I’m looking to potentially do that this year as it would be safer. 

This pandemic is having a huge affect on everyone and the travel industry is definitely been affected severely and it’s an industry I hope will be able to recover without too much damage.

Do you have any travel plans for this year?

Are you making any travel plans for this year?

Laura Jane

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