A Change in Life…

It’s July and this year just seems to have gone by in a blur as these last few months have been something we could never have expected or experienced before. In February I was lucky enough to travel to Australia and Dubai for a few weeks as I returned in March to a setting that I could not ever imagine being faced with. As I came home from my trip the country went in to lockdown due to a worldwide pandemic which saw travel stop all over the world. 

Due to working in a foods store I have still been going to work which has helped to keep a little bit of normality in my life. There are various ways that I’ve been spending my spare time over the last few weeks. I have recently rekindled my love for baking, if I have not been baking I’ve been doing some travel research ready for when we are able to travel again as I continue to add places to the list of places I wish to visit. At the beginning of the lockdown I managed to get some photo’s printed that I’ve taken on previous trips for some scrapbooks that I’ve made. I have found myself watching a lot more travel vlogs than I do normally as well as reading a lot more blog posts. I’ve started a new TV series on Amazon prime called Bones which I am trying to limit myself to only watching a few episodes a day so that I am not just watching something on the screen all the time.  At first I was not feeling any motivation for writing any posts but after a couple weeks I decided to give my blog a makeover.

In May I was meant to be going to a hen party but this was postponed to next year as my friend has also moved her wedding to next year. I also booked a few days off for over my birthday last month with the intention of possibly going on a city break. I had a trip booked to Los Angeles in October but I have decided to reschedule that for next year instead but I am still keeping some time booked off work in October. I also have some time booked off work at the end of November which was booked with the intention of possibly going on a Christmas market break somewhere in Europe. I feel lucky that I did manage to get away this year which I know has not been possible for a lot of people.

We have seen some restrictions ease as we begin to be able to do go to more places within our country as well as plans being put in place for travel to start again. Even though these restrictions are easing it is still important that we are being careful and making sure that we are keeping our distance from other people. 

Sadly at the beginning of June I unexpectedly lost my Grandad, this was not due to COVID. It’s been hard these last few weeks dealing with the loss as I hadn’t seen him since before travelling to Australia due to restrictions and he was also in a care home which made it harder. It was also hard not being able to give him the send off that he deserved due to restrictions. My Grandad was someone who I was close to as I enjoyed fond memories with him over the past 29 years. I enjoyed trips to Benidorm, Majorca, Blackpool and Dublin with him as well as day trips in the UK. One destination that my Grandad wanted to visit was Sweden as he had family from there, so I’m determined to visit Sweden in the next 18 months in his honour. 

How have you been coping the last few months?


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