Port Guide: Rhodes

A part of Greece that was a port of call for our cruise was Rhodes which was somewhere that I’ve not been to before and didn’t really know what to expect. From where the cruise ships dock you are able to walk to the Old Town which takes approximately 5-10 minutes. We decided to get the tour bus to take us around Rhodes for €12 before we then got off at Old Town where we then walked back to the cruise ship. Stops on the tour bus include:

Psaropoula Square

Town Hall


Acropolis Monte-Smith

As an island Rhodes has a long history and has developed a significant culture throughout the years. There are a number of historical sites and monuments in Rhodes that represent the Greek history.

If you are visiting Rhodes as a port of call I would just recommend getting off the ship and walking to the Old Town where you are able to take a walk around the different shops and possibly stop for a drink and some food. The Old Town of Rhodes was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1988. As you walk around the Old Town you will be able to see the Grand Master’s Palace which is a medieval castle and of the few examples of gothic architecture in Greece.

Is Rhodes somewhere you have been before on a cruise or for a holiday?


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