Cruise Ship Review: NCL Jade

My last cruise saw me go on Norwegian Jade which was my second time cruising with NCL having previously cruised on the Star.

Onboard the Jade there are two pools, one is an adults only pool which is ideal if you want to go in a pool where you won’t have kids disturbing you. There are also hot tubs onboard which is something that we took advantage of relaxing in on the one sea day that we had on our cruise. If you are wishing to have some spa treatments whilst on your cruise this is possible at the onboard spa which we didn’t visit.

On the Jade there is a shop located towards the back of the ship selling jewellery, gifts, beauty products, bags and souvenirs. For the itinerary that we did the ship was not able to sell any spirits or cigarettes in the shop. I found that the shop had very limited stock for during our cruise but this could’ve been due to having to spread their products as they were limited to what they could sell.

During our cruise there were seminars that took place throughout the day on cupcake making, photography and skincare. Due to it being a cruise where we only had one sea day I decided not to go to any seminars and to spend the sea day walking around the ship as wells relaxing.


For our cruise we had a mini-suite with a balcony on the 11th deck. Our cabin was very spacious for the three of us and also had plenty of storage which I find rare in cabins. In our cabin we had a sofa that converted in to a bed instead of an upper pullman.  Our bathroom in the cabin featured both a bath and shower.

Food & Drink

Onboard I found there to be plenty of places to go for food which were either complimentary or speciality which meant they had a charge. There was also a good choice of places to go for drinks which I have sometimes found can be rare on a cruise ship.

Speciality restaurants onboard include La Cucina, Cagney’s Steakhouse, Moderno, Tepanyaki and Le Bistro. During our cruise we ate at Cagney’s which is not done by cover charge as you pay for each item that you order, this is a speciality restaurant that I would recommend visiting as the steak is delicious. Another speciality restaurant that we went to is Moderno which is a Brazilian restaurant where you have different meats brought over and you select your accompaniments from an area in the middle of the restaurant. For Moderno there is a set cover charge, this is not a restaurant that I would go to again on a NCL ship as we did not get all of the meat that we were told we would get and also felt that it was rushed.

Complimentary restaurants include Jasmine, Grand Pacific, Garden Cafe and O’Sheehan’s. On some nights we would eat in the Grand Pacific which is the main dining room where you will find the menu changing each night. The Jasmine restaurant is an Asian style restaurant that we visited on a couple of occasions and found that both the food and service was excellent. For a light lunch we would find ourselves going to O’Sheehan’s which has the theme of a pub and I would always go for some chicken wings in either chilli or bbq flavour as well as a chicken caesar salad. If we found that we didn’t fancy anything on the menu for the main dining room we would go to the buffet restaurant knows as Garden Cafe, we would go here for breakfast as well.

Bars/lounges onboard include Spinnakers, Bliss and Magnum. If you are wanting to go somewhere for a coffee you can go to Java Cafe where they serve Starbucks coffee that you have to pay for.


If you are somebody who likes to visit the casino whilst on a cruise then this is something that you would be able to do onboard the Jade,. Whilst onboard we went on the machines in the casino once but unfortunately we didn’t win.  There is also an arcade onboard where you are able to play air hockey or some of the games that you typically find when visiting an arcade.

For the first time on a cruise we didn’t go and see any of the evening time entertainment as we found that none of it appealed to us and it was also repetitive which we heard other passengers on the ship mention as well. Shows that were on in the main theatre onboard included country music tribute, two dancers from dancing with the stars, acrobatic/comedy juggler and a singer called Rob Linacre. In one of the lounges called Spinnakers there would be audience participation shows as well as game shows such as Mr and Mrs.

Have you been onboard NCL Jade before or another NCL ship?


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