Why do I love to travel?

When meeting someone new there is always the common question of what do you like or love, I will always reply with travel. Every person has different reasons for why they love to travel but then some people may not have much desire to travel. There are various reasons why I love to travel although I do wish I could travel more than I do.

I like to travel to new places so that I can enjoy new experiences in different places such as doing a basket ride in Madeira as experiences like this are something you don’t normally enjoy at home. When visiting a new place one thing I always have to do is go and see the Cathedral if they have one, I love seeing how different they are around the world. Learning the history of different places and the way people live in different countries is always fascinating as you realise how lucky we are with what we have and are able to do compared to some people. Although I can sometimes be a fussy eater I do like to sample some of the local food.

When travelling you are always going to meet new people and possibly make friendships with people you wouldn’t normally make which I find is all part of travelling.

Getting away from home is a chance to take a break from reality and relax. It allows you to escape from any worries that you have at time but don’t run from them as you do have to go back to them but maybe with a clearer head.

Is there different reasons why you love to travel?


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