Favourite places I’ve visited

When meeting someone new and they find out that I love to travel a lot of the time I will be asked where is my favourite place that I’ve been to. The question where is my favourite place is one of the hardest questions you can ask me because I have more than one but each for different reasons.

One place that I will always say in my list of favourite places is Las Vegas which is a place that doesn’t appeal to everyone. There are a range of reasons that I love Las Vegas as I find there is something to do no matter what type of break you are looking for. I find it to be a relaxed place as well as a great place for a bit of shopping. In Las Vegas I love walking round the different hotels as they offer different attractions as well as offering different shows of a night which you may not normally see. I also love the diverse choice of food that is on offer in Las Vegas.


Florence is a city that I visited whilst on a cruise a couple years ago and I fell in love with the city. It’s a city that I want to go back to so that I can explore further. I loved being able to walk around the streets and being able to see a lot of beautiful buildings.


Another place which is a favourite of mine is London as you can continuously go and find new things to see and do. London is located a 2 hour train journey away so it’s an easy place to go for the day. One thing that I love about London is the various unique cafes and restaurants that are located around the city. I also find that as a city it is suitable for everyone and perfect for a day trip or a little break.


What is one of your favourite places that you’ve visited and why?


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