Is Cruising for Older People Only?

When I say I’m doing a cruise or I’ve been on a cruise I quite often get the question, is it not full of older people? The answer to that is no it’s not, quite the opposite as there is always a mixed age group on the cruises that I’ve done in the past.


A lot of people have a misunderstanding about doing cruises. They always assume all have a formal every night which is not the case as most cruises will include at least one formal night per seven night cruise. Depending on the cruise line will depend what the dress code is for evenings as Norwegian Cruise Line offer a more relaxed dress code where as P&O have a more formal approach on some of their ships.

The cruise industry is developing at a fast pace with companies building new ships constantly which are bigger and better as they increase the activities onboard. So this makes some cruise ships more appealing to the younger generation as they include activities such as dodgems which can be found on Royal Caribbean’s Anthem of the Seas. There are some cruise ships which are adults only such as P&O’s Adonia where you are more than likely to find a older generation onboard.


The time of year will depend on what type of people are onboard, if cruising during school holidays you are obviously going to find a lot of families with children onboard. Ships have activities onboard suitable for all ages of children as well as having clubs for them to attend which makes them appealing to families.

Due to cruises now going to more destinations as well as becoming more affordable it is making them become more appealing to a wider audience of people. Cruising is no longer what was known as an older persons holiday as younger people become more interested in seeing the world and cruising is one way for them to be able to do that.

In summary cruising is not a holiday just for older people it’s a holiday that is suitable for all ages.


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