Cruise or Land Trip


A lot of people ask why I love cruises so much and the answer is simply they give you a different experience to a land trip. Each type of trip has its good and bad points but they are each better in their own way. I’ve found that cruises have given me the perfect chance to get a taste of a destination to decide whether its somewhere that I would like to explore more. I also find that cruises allow you to relax that bit more than a land trip would as some cruise sailings have a sea day, which is the perfect day to relax.


Doing a cruise gives the option of visiting more than one destination in one trip without having to move your luggage around with you each time you go to a different destination. But this does mean that you only have a limited amount of time in each destination which could be from 6 to 12 hours depending on the port. Cruising does allow you to get a taste of a destination especially if its somewhere you’ve not been sure you would like to go to and it also allows you to go somewhere that you may not have originally thought of going to. Doing a cruise allows you to see some parts of the destination that a land trip wouldn’t let you see such as a sail in to the cruise port which is one of my favourite parts of doing a cruise.


Cruising for some people can sometimes be out the price range so this can mean that some people have to stick with a land trip as it’s up to you how much it costs. Booking a land trip means that you can research the accommodations on offer in the area to see which is best suited for your needs. A land trip also gives you more choices of where to go as with a cruise your limited to where you are able to go as obviously some destinations that you may wish to visit are in land such as Madrid and Milan.


Doing a land trip does mean that you have more time to explore the destination that you’ve travelled to as well as the chance to try the local cuisine. Tasting the local cuisine is not always possible when doing a cruise due to time being limited. Staying in one place allows you to decide how long you are actually going to stay for as there are some destinations that require a couple of days to be able to see everything that you would possibly like to see.


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