Dubrovnik: A Cruise Port Guide


Dubrovnik was both a short and early port of call for us as we docked at 7:00 and then left at 13:00. The ship offered passengers the chance to buy a ticket for a shuttle bus to Old Town for $15 per person but we chose not to get a ticket. Once we docked at Dubrovnik we noticed there were taxis at the quayside where you could get to the Old Town for €13 per car so we took this option to get to Old Town.


The taxi dropped you off by Pile Gate which is a stone gate which leads to an inner gate that then leads to the main street which is known as Stradun. In Dubrovnik there are four main gates, two of the gates lead to the harbour where as the other two gates which have drawbridges lead to the mainland. The harbour is one of the oldest shipyards within the city which continues to be used today. Old Town is surrounded by the city walls of Dubrovnik which became a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1979. As you enter the city through Pile Gate you will be able to see Minceta Tower which is the highest point of the City Wall giving a view of the city.  As you walk around the streets of Old Town you are able to see Rector’s Palace, the Assumption Cathedral, Sponza Palace as well as the Dominican Monastery. Rector’s Palace is today used as a cultural history museum as it used to serve as a seat for the Rector of the Republic of Ragusa from the 14th century. The Assumption Cathedral is a Roman Catholic Cathedral which is flanked by four Corinthian columns as well as statues of Saint Blaise who is the patron saint of Dubrovnik. Sponza Palace is a 16th century palace with a gothic style which was originally a customs house before becoming a mint, a state treasury as well as a bank. Sponza Palace is now home to the state archives which date back at least 1000 years.

As we wandered around the streets we came across a market in Gundulic Square selling candied orange peels, lavender, lace as well as handcrafted souvenirs.

Due to not having much time in Dubrovnik I was unable to explore the whole city but it is somewhere I would like to go back to so that I can explore more.


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