Mykonos: A Cruise Port Guide

Mykonos was a tender port for our ship as the port only allowed one ship to dock at a time and there was a Costa ship already docked once we reached the Island. It worked out to be a good thing that we were tendered as it meant the tender boat took us right to the harbour near the main town. Mykonos is definitely a photographers dream with so many photographic opportunities.

Once off the tender boat we took a walk down the streets of white buildings with red, green and blue doors as well as window frames. Some of the buildings also have flowers growing along the building. The streets are lined with living accommodation as well as shops selling a variety of products such as clothing, local specialities as well as souvenirs. As you walk around you will also come across some small churches.

As you walk around the island you are able to see windmills which are an iconic feature for Mykonos as they have 16 located across the island. As you come in to the harbour of Alefkandra the windmills are the first thing that you will be able to see. The windmills are an important part of history for Mykonos so they have refurbished most of them in order to preserve the beauty of them. The windmills are no longer in operation but they are now used as homes for the locals. One of the best places to get a good view of the windmills is Little Venice as you will be able to see five of them on a hill next to each other.

Little Venice is an area with medieval buildings which have brightly coloured wooden balconies as they used to be fishing houses located on the waterfront. Little Venice mostly consists of restaurants and bars where you can enjoy a relaxing drink with a bite to eat. We stopped at a place called Veranda where I ordered a chocolate and strawberry crepe which was delicious. At Veranda you could also order salads but these were unique as they were served in glass jars.

As you walk from Little Venice towards the harbour you will come across the most famous church on the island called Panagia Paraportiani which consists of four small chapels.

Mykonos is definitely somewhere I wish to go back to at some point in the future for a longer period of time.


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  1. I really liked Mykonos. Have you visited Delos as well?

    1. No I’ve not visited Delos, is that somewhere that you would recommend to go?

      1. It’s a small island next to Mykonos. Nobody lives there nowadays, but few thousands years ago it was a vibrant island. I loved it 😀It’s full of history that i have learnt in the school 😀

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