A Day at FriendsFest

Last week I took a trip to Cardiff to go to FriendsFest which is going to be at various locations including Manchester, Oxfordshire, Essex and London. I had to travel to Cardiff instead of going to Manchester which is closest due to tickets being sold out.

FriendsFest is a fan experience for those who are fanatics of the Friends TV show, where they will be able to also see original memorabilia from the TV show. Those who attend are able to see Joey/Chandler’s apartment, Monica/Rachel’s apartment as well as enjoy a trip to Central Perk where they have a member of staff playing songs that Phoebe sang such as Smelly Cat. There is the chance to recreate the famous opening titles with the couch and umbrellas.

Here are some photo’s from my day, the only thing that I found spoilt my day was the weather as it was raining heavily. At the moment there are only tickets left for Essex but you are able to find more information on the website

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