Tips for Visiting Disney

Planning a trip to Orlando can be stressful as well as overwhelming for anyone. There are certain tips that I think help with planning to book your trip to Orlando or even just help make your time more enjoyable whilst there.


Try to get fast passes for the rides especially the ones that are popular as this will help reduce the amount of time you waiting in queues. One ride I would definitely recommend a fast-pass for is Kilimanjaro Safari at Animal Kingdom. You are able to book your fast-passes 60 days before your trip if you are staying at a Disney resort or 30 days before with the purchase of a ticket if you are not staying at a Disney resort. You are able to book three fast-pass selections for one park each day, on the day once you’ve used your booked fast-passes you are able to try and book more via your mobile phone or by visiting a kiosk in the park.

Download DisneyWorld App

Once you’ve booked your trip to Disney I would recommend downloading the app from the app store as this allows you to look at which rides you would like to book fast-passes for as well as any dining options you want to look at. Disney app is also useful whilst you are in the parks as it allows you to see what the wait times are for each ride as well as a map so that you can figure your way around the park. Within the app you are also able to see the timings for any shows or parades within the parks.


If you know there is a specific restaurant that you would like to eat at within any park I would recommend booking a table so that you don’t waste any time waiting for a table. Personally I think it’s best to book a table for later in the day which is when you are most likely to want to eat. Dining can be booked via the Disney app.

Park Expectations

Don’t expect to be able to complete one park in a day as it is not possible at all unless you don’t go on any rides or watch any shows/parades. Structure your time of arrival with what you expect to do in the day, if you wish to watch the fireworks I would consider arriving at the park later in the day so that you are not too exhausted by the time the fireworks are starting.

Choose the Correct Tickets

Make sure you buy tickets that are going to last the duration of your trip and also get park hopper tickets. It’s important to make sure you have park hopper tickets just in case you wish to visit two different parks on the same day which can only be done with a park hopper ticket. Also make sure when buying tickets that you buy them from a trusted place such as attraction tickets.


If it’s your first time visiting Disney or if you are celebrating a birthday, wedding or anniversary you are able to get a free badge to mark the occasion from either a Disney resort hotel or guest services in the park.

Do you have any other tips for Disney World which you think are crucial to know for your visit?


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