Orlando: A day at Magic Kingdom

For my short trip to Orlando there was one Disney park that I knew I had to ensure I visited which was Magic Kingdom. Due to my visit to Orlando only being short it meant that I would only be able to spend one day at Magic Kingdom if I wanted to visit at least one other park. 

From our hotel we got a shuttle bus which took us to Magic Kingdom where we had to take a monorail to reach the entrance for the park. Entering the park you need to be prepared for security who will check your bags this is the same at all parks. Upon entering Magic Kingdom you will find yourself in Town Square at the end of Main Street where you will be able to see the famous Cinderella castle. 

Upon arriving in to Magic Kingdom the first thing on our list to do was to go to the Town Hall which is located in the Town Square to meet Mickey & Minnie in their party outfits. We were lucky that there was only a short queue and we only waited about 10 minutes to see them. Once we’d met Mickey & Minnie we took a walk town Main Street whilst also taking pictures of the castle and stopped in Main Street Bakery which has a Starbucks to get some breakfast as we had skipped breakfast at the hotel in favour of getting straight to the park. Once we’d had breakfast we then ventured towards the castle as we saw the Disney characters were performing a mini show which included Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald Duck and Daisy Duck. 

Due to a health issue I have to be careful as to what rides I go on so I am very limited as to what I can ride. One of the only rides that I really wanted to go on was it’s a small world so once we’d finished watching the mini performance we headed to queue for it. Once we’d been on it’s a small world we took a walk around the park whilst waiting for the first of the two parades that were happening that day, whilst walking we decided to go to halls of presidents. This is something that I think can be left out on a visit to Disney but if you are interested in the past presidents of America then it’s something you could potentially like. Once we’d seen the parade we took another walk around the park towards Jungle Cruise with the intention of going on this before the parade which was happening at 15:00 but as we were heading towards the ride we noticed that the queue time was 90 minutes which meant we would likely miss the parade which was something I would rather see. After reaching the area of Frontierland we stopped for a drink where I also got a Mickey pretzel, this is something that I possibly would not buy again as I found that the taste was too salty. After a brief rest we decided to head back to Main Street so that we could take a look in the shops that are lined either side before getting a spot for the parade. We only briefly looked in the shops as we noticed there were people beginning to get in position for the parade which was about an hour from starting so we decided if we wanted to ensure we had a good view it was best to get in a spot we wanted. If you are wanting to ensure you have a good spot for the parade then I would be prepared to have to wait for a while before the parade.

Once the parade was over we went to Tony’s restaurant, which is inspired by the Lady and the Tramp movie, for some food as we hadn’t eaten since breakfast where we then had to wait an hour for a table. We were seated at a table outside which meant we had a good view of the square and we were also able to see the flag retreat. After our meal we decided that we would head back to the hotel as we were beginning to feel tired from the day and we were also heading back home the next day which meant we needed to sort our luggage out.

Due to the type of tickets we had for the Disney parks it meant we were not able to get fast-pass for any rides. Disney is somewhere I would definitely like to go back to in the future. I would like to have more time to explore Magic Kingdom as well as the other parks. During my visit to Orlando I did manage to make a visit to Animal Kingdom as well. The main purpose for my trip to Orlando was to visit Universal Studios but I do plan to make a visit back to Orlando within the next few years.


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  1. Musaafir the Bedouin says:

    Oh this brought back memories of my childhood. I need to go back here and re-live my inner child again!

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