Port Guide: Saint Petersburg

Russia is a country that I have never previously thought of visiting but my cruise took me to Saint Petersburg which included an overnight stay in port. Saint Petersburg is a city that I thought was beautiful, my visit to Saint Petersburg fell at the same time of the 2018 Football World Cup.

Visiting Saint Petersburg requires a visa, but if you are visiting on a cruise ship and book an excursion with the cruise company it includes visa entry. We booked an excursion which took us around the city as well as a visit to Hermitage museum which I’m going to write a separate post about. 


Winter Palace

This was the official residence of the Russian monarch from 1732 til 1917. The reformed palace forms part of a complex of building which house the Hermitage museum. 

Church of the Saviour on Blood

One of the main sights in Saint Petersburg which is also known as Church on Spilled Blood. This was built in memory of Alexander II who was assassinated in 1881 as it stands in the place where a bomb was thrown into his carriage. It’s five onion domes are decorated and covered in jeweller’s enamel. It took 24 years to construct the church.


Nevsky Project

This is the main street in the city of Saint Petersburg which was named after 13th century Russian Prince Alexander Nevsky. 

Saint Isaac’s Cathedral

The largest Russian orthodox cathedral in Saint Petersburg as well as the fourth largest cathedral in the world. As part of our excursion we took a walk around the inside of the cathedral which was mesmerising. The exterior of the cathedral is decorated with sculptures and granite columns. The interior meanwhile is decorated with detailed mosaic icons, paintings as well as columns made of malachite. In the main altar you will find a large brightly coloured stained glass window of the ‘Resurrected Christ’. As a church it was designed to accommodate 14,000 worshippers but was closed in the early 1930’s and reopened as a museum. 


Kazan Cathedral

A cathedral located on the Nevsky project which belongs to the Russian Orthodox. This is dedicated to one of the most venerated icons in Russia known as our Lady of Kazan. 

Saint Petersburg is a city that I would recommend anyone to visit. Have you been to Saint Petersburg?


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