Afternoon Tea: Tale as Old as Time

At the Kensington Hotel they have been a running an afternoon tea with a Beauty and the Beast theme called Tale as Old as Time, this is for a limited period but has been extended due to popular demand. This is currently only running till June and is sold out but you are able to leave your details on the website as they can then contact with any more information regarding the afternoon tea.

Last year both my Mum and I booked to go for Tale as Old as Time afternoon tea and last week it was finally time for us to go and enjoy. Upon arriving at the Kensington Hotel we were greeted at the door by George who was very polite as well as welcoming and showed us to where we needed to go for our afternoon tea which was situated in a separate area of the hotel in their restaurant called Townhouse. Once you are taken to your table you find the table set up with biscuits in the shape of Belle’s famous yellow gown as well as finding pale blue and white striped cups and saucer including a small glass vase with a single red rose.


Once seated you are left to take a look at the menu situated on the table where you can choose from a variety of teas including earl grey, spearmint and jasmine. A member of staff comes over to check whether you have any dietary requirements or allergies which they are more than happy to cater for as well as taking your drink order, as someone who doesn’t drink tea I chose to have a flat white whilst my Mum chose to have a cappuccino. If you don’t wish to have tea you are able to have any coffee you wish or even a hot chocolate or you can choose to have champagne at an extra cost. You are able to have as many drinks as you wish without any extra cost unless you choose to then add champagne when you’ve been drinking tea or coffee. The first course of food you are given is some hot savouries, a server will proceed to tell what each savoury is which are:
Venison Pie
Beef Ragu & Saffron Arancini on a Lemon Creme Fraiche
Cheese Souffle


Once you’ve enjoyed your warm savouries the main part of the afternoon tea is brought over on a stand as well as bringing over Lumiere and Cogsworth for on your table. A server will then come over to you and tell you what each piece of food is as well as taking some photos for you. You will find a small glass containing some jelly as well as a inedible rose petal inside which the server will pour some cream on top from a Mrs Potts teapot. A chip cup can be found containing ‘the grey stuff’ as they encourage you to try the grey stuff which is actually some white chocolate mousse. You can also enjoy some chocolate ganache in the shape of a clock as well as enjoying a snowball macaron which is coconut and chocolate flavoured. On the bottom of your stand you will find some of Marie’s sweet brioche baguette as you can enjoy either some apricot preserve or chocolate spread with your baguette. For sandwiches you will find:
Chicken and Cranberry
Cucumber and Cream Cheese
Egg Mayonaise


This afternoon tea is something that I would definitely recommend although it’s sadly sold out. I would recommend putting details down in case they extend it again. I found that the experience was very enjoyable and never felt rushed once whilst eating the food which can sometimes happen when going places for food. Adding to the theme of Beauty and the Beast all the servers spoke with a french accent.

The cost of the afternoon tea is £38.50 or if you choose to add champagne its £50.


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