City Break Guide: Venice

Recently I went to Venice for a couple of days before going on a cruise. We stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn, Mestre which was just outside of Venice but it was easy to get to Venice from the hotel. At the hotel we were able purchase tickets for public transport so we got a 48 hour ticket which cost €30 which enabled us to get a bus from outside the hotel to Venice bus terminal, where we had a short walk to then get a water bus. Getting a water bus was the best option for us to travel up and down the Grand Canal which included stops at Rialto Bridge and Piazza San Marco.

Water Bus Information

Piazza San Marco
Upon arriving in Venice after we’d checked in and dropped our luggage off in the room, Piazza San Marco was the first place we headed to. For anyone who goes to Venice Piazza San Marco is a point of interest that has got to be seen, as you can take a look around the square as you enjoy St Mark’s Basilica, Campanile Bell Tower and Doges Palace. Within the square there are a large number of cafes where you can go to enjoy a drink but you have to be prepared that the prices will be a lot more than the rest of Venice as it cost €15 for a glass of lemonade at a cafe we stopped within Piazza San Marco.

We chose to not take a ride in a gondola as we didn’t feel like we had enough time. There are a number of places around Venice where you are able to get on a gondola where they will charge €80 for 30 minutes but we were talking to a local who said they will not give you the full 30 minutes, so you need to make sure that you check the time before getting in to the gondola as well as planning a route.


Lido is a small island which you can access by water bus from Venice. It’s worth a visit for a couple of hours as you take a walk around away from the hustle and bustle of Venice but it is somewhere that is more known for it’s beach.

Exploring Venice
Personally I think the best way to explore Venice is to get the water bus down the Grand Canal so that you can get a view of the different buildings that are located down the canal. Once you’ve done the water bus you can then take a walk down the side streets of Venice where you can get lost down the many streets. The side streets are full of small shops and restaurants where you can enjoy looking in the shop windows at the various Venetian masquerade masks and dolls.


2 thoughts on “City Break Guide: Venice

    1. I went to Florence a couple years ago on a cruise and it’s amazing, it’s somewhere I want to go back to. Venice is definitely a place that must be visited, hope you enjoy your time there

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