Tips for a First Time Cruiser Part 2

This is the second part to my latest post with more tips for your first cruise.

First post can be found here: Tips For Your First Cruise

Daily Newsletter
Each evening there will be a daily newsletter delivered to your cabin, which will enclose details of what is going on around the ship the next day, as well as some information about the port you are about to visit if you are visiting a port the next day. I find that its useful to read the newsletter so that you can plan what you want to do around the ship the next day. Newsletters will also tell you what the cocktail of the day is going to be.

Money Onboard
You will not need cash whilst onboard unless you are planning a trip to a casino, as any purchases you make onboard are registered using your sea pass card. A sea pass card is used as your room key as well as for embarkation and disembarkation.

Drink Packages
Cruise companies offer different drink packages which are available to buy for during your cruise but these are not always worth buying. It’s important to research what you are getting as part of your drinks package. Although the drinks package can sometimes be included when you are booking your cruise which is a bonus.

A lot of people will not realise that a buffet breakfast is available in the main dining room so will automatically go to the buffet area for breakfast which is most likely going to be busy. This may not apply for all cruise lines.

Travel Insurance
When going on a cruise it’s important to make sure that you have got the correct type of travel insurance as not all travel insurances will cover cruise holidays.

Technology Onboard
Internet onboard cruise ships is expensive so be prepared to wait till you get to your next port to try and find some free wi-fi.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my tips for a first time cruiser. Is there any other tips that you can think of for a first time cruiser?



2 thoughts on “Tips for a First Time Cruiser Part 2

  1. This is full of things I wish I knew before my first cruise!

    I’d add just a couple of things:

    — If you’re traveling with a group, have a way of contacting your party. Back in the day, my family used to use walkies, but now some of the major cruise companies offer messaging within their apps for a fee.

    — I actually prefer to carry my own luggage off the ship, as I have been able to leave the ship and port faster when I do this. It also helps if you don’t overpack, which I had to learn the hard way after my first cruise.

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