Reasons to do a Cruise

Many people are unsure whether they would actually enjoy doing a cruise holiday. Cruises are a type of holiday that I love for various reasons which is the same for many other people who continue to do cruises, at the moment I’ve done 11 cruises as well as having 2 cruises booked for this year.


Waking up somewhere new everyday

There is no other holiday which will allow you to wake up in a different port virtually every day. I feel like there is nothing more exciting than waking up in the morning and looking out your window or going out on the balcony to look at where you will be exploring for the day. Being somewhere different every day gives people the chance to experience a variety of destinations during one holiday.

Visiting Destinations You Wouldn’t Normally Consider
There are some destinations in the world that you wouldn’t consider going to for a holiday but when it comes to cruises they may take you to those type of places. This has happened in the past for me as I’ve done cruises to a certain port that I would not normally consider going to such as:
Cadiz, Spain
Palermo, Sicily
Cartagena, Spain
Portofino, Italy
Toulon, France


Getting A Sample Taste of A Destination
In the world there are so many different places to be visited it’s always hard to decide where to go next. Cruises will most likely stay in a port for one day but for some ports this is not long enough, so this gives you a chance of a taster of the port so that you could potentially go back to explore the area more. This has happened in the past as I visited Barcelona on a cruise but felt that I need to go back to explore more which I did. There are places I’ve been to on a cruise that I would like to go back to for a longer period of time including:
Florence, Italy
Cannes, France
Lisbon, Portugal

Relaxation of A Day at Sea
You are likely to find that most cruises will offer at least one sea day which is the perfect time to relax. If your first full day onboard your ship is a day at sea this is the perfect chance to explore the ship so that you can get to know your way around the ship as well as see what is on offer onboard. A day at sea also allows you to try out some new activities which are offered onboard such as dancing lessons or a game of table tennis. Whilst onboard your ship you can also visit the spa which they will most likely have for some beauty treatments or massages.


Sunrise or Sunset
Personally I don’t think there is any better place for a sunrise or sunset other than whilst you are at sea.


Culinary Experiences
Onboard most ships they will have a couple of restaurants where you will have to pay an extra charge to dine at the restaurant which is normally about £15-£25 per person. There are also restaurants that are included within the price of your cruise where you will most likely be able to get food 24 hours a day. The chance of being able to choose from a selection of different restaurants allows you to be able to try food that you would not normally try at home.

New Experiences
As I have mentioned previously onboard ships there are a range of activities available for people to participate in, this allows you to try something new. This means that you can possibly try something that you’ve always been wanting to try, but have never had the opportunity. Onboard P&O Britannia they offer the chance to have cooking demonstrations from celebrity chefs such as James Martin and Marco Pierre White on select cruises.



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