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Flying Solo…


I did four flights alone in the last four weeks which is an achievement for me. Flying is something that has always made me nervous for a number of different reasons as I find going through security can sometimes be stressful and then I don’t like take off. I find that I settle in to the flight quicker if it’s a long haul flight where as with a short haul flight I can never seem to settle. Some people will often have a routine for during flights this is something that I don’t really do during flights apart from during take-off I will always make sure that I am reading a magazine whether it is one that I’ve bought or one thats provided on the plane.

So for my recent flights alone there were a couple of things I realised:
Flying alone isn’t as bad as I thought it would be
Airport security isn’t always stressful
It’s easy to keep yourself occupied on the plane
Always make sure you have a window seat when travelling alone
It’s better shopping duty-free alone
You don’t feel as ignorant putting headphones in

Flying alone means that on the plane you are more likely to get bored so here are some ways to prevent that:
Take an iPad as you can download games, movies, TV shows, music and books
Take a notebook
Buy some magazines
Take headphones

Before travelling I think it’s best to pre book a transfer to your accommodation from the airport so that you have a peace of mind of being able to get to your accommodation safely. Also it prevents you from travelling to your accommodation alone on your first day.

Do you have any other tips for flying alone?




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