Australia Guide: Healesville Sanctuary

Before doing our wine tour of Yarra Valley we decided to spend the morning at Healesville Sanctuary which was formally known as Sir Colin MacKenzie Sanctuary. At the sanctuary they have a history of breeding native animals and they are also dedicated to fight wildlife extinction. They are one of only two places that managed to successfully breed a platypus, the other place was Taronga Zoo in Sydney. 

Within the sanctuary you are able to find the wildlife hospital where some of the animals injured in the bushfires last year were taken. You can visit the hospital and meet some of the vets and nurses who are looking after the animals as they treat more than 1,500 native animals each year.

There are guided tours available whilst visiting the sanctuary. There are keeper talks at certain points of the day for animals including:



Tasmanian devil 


There are also animal encounters available including:

Koala close-up

Kangaroo close-up

Animals within the sanctuary include:



Tasmanian devil





If you wish to visit Healesville tickets will cost $38.

Is visiting Healesville Sanctuary something that would appeal to you?

 Laura Jane

At the time of this being posted we are in the middle of a pandemic, please remain safe and abide by any travel restrictions. Any further information on travel restrictions can be found on the government website. 

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