Australia Guide: Fremantle

Located a short train ride away from Perth you  can find Fremantle or Freo as it is known to the locals. A train from Perth to Fremantle costs approximately $7 each way. Fremantle is a port city that is known for it’s maritime history as well as Victorian architecture. 

A popular attraction in Fremantle is Fremantle prison which housed convicts from the 1850’s to 1991, it is referred to as either Fremantle gaol or Fremantle jail. A world heritage site which includes prison cellblocks, gatehouse, perimeter walls, cottages and tunnels. In 1988 there was a riot in the prison which saw guards taken hostage and a fire causing 1.8million dollars worth of damage. Tours of the prison are available to visitors, there are four different tours to choose from:

Convict Prison discover the history of the prison, tour lasts 1 hour 15mins 

Behind Bars step inside the prison where you can explore and learn about the prisoners routines, you are also able to walk through the cellblock and exercise yard, tour lasts 1 hour 15mins. This is the tour that I did when visiting Fremantle and is one I would recommend. 

True Crime a chance to hear real life stories from some of the most notorious Fremantle prisoners, tour last 1 hour 15mins. 

Tunnels Tour put on a hard hat and overalls before descending below the prison and explore a labyrinth of tunnels that were built by prisoners and you will also discover original blast holes, tour last 2 hours 30mins. 

Tours cost $22 each or you are able to buy a package so that you are able to do multiple tours. 

Fremantle is also famous for it’s markets which are open Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Fremantle market has been open since 1897 and the building where the market is located is one of two surviving municipal market buildings in Western Australia. It’s also one of the few purposely built buildings in Australia that is still used for its intended purpose. There are over 150 stalls selling candles, accessories, food and many more products. Within the markets there are also buskers who will perform at the market on a regular basis. 

The roundhouse in Fremantle is the first permanent building which was built in the Swan River colony in 1830. It is also the oldest building still standing in Western Australia. Originally built to be a prison which it was until 1886 before being used as police lockup till 1900. In 1900 it was then used as living quarters for the Chief Constable and his family. In 1966 it was opened to the public by port authority for 2 hours a day before being transferred to the ownership of city of Fremantle and opened daily. The roundhouse is currently used for shows. 

Fremantle is a city which can be easily done on foot or you can choose to take the tram tour around the area. It is an ideal day trip from Perth and is one that I would recommend, especially to take a walk up Market St where you will find a range of boutique shops and cafes. 

Have you heard of Fremantle before or have you been?


At the time of this being posted we are in the middle of a pandemic, please remain safe and abide by any travel restrictions. Any further information on travel restrictions can be found on the government website. 

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