Disney: Luggage Must Haves

When packing for a trip to Disney it can be hard to decide what to pack but there are some items that are important to pack aside from the usual must-haves in your luggage.

Comfy shoes are important as a trip to Disney requires a lot of walking around the parks and you are on your feet all day. You will see a lot of people will wear trainers for the parks. I wore pair of thick sole sandals that I have which I know are comfortable and I had no problems with my feet.

Sun tan lotion is important to take no matter what time of year you are going. We went in February and never took any as we didn’t think we would need it, which was a mistake and we ended up having to buy some at the little shop in the hotel. If you are someone that is easily burnt on the head I would recommend taking a hat with you.

I would recommend packing light clothing for your to Disney as it’s likely to be warm throughout the day. A light jacket is also ideal for of a night as depending on the time of year you are going it can be colder during the evening. Make sure to leave some room in your luggage for any purchases you make.

A portable charger for your mobile is important to pack as you are likely to use your phone a lot. Wifi is free within the parks and you are likely to use your phone to view the park maps if you download the app which I would recommend. You may only use your phone for taking photos and there is likely to be a lot of photos taken.

If you have a pair of Mickey ears they are something you have to take with you for your trip. I bought some online in the design of the USA flag for my trip to Orlando earlier in the year. This is an option for you if you want to have some before you travel.

Is there anything that you find you always have to take with you on a trip to Disney?


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