City Break: Chester

A city located just an hour away from Liverpool which is perfect for a small break or a day trip. Chester is easily accessible by train with trains from across the country stopping at Chester as well as having a regular service from Liverpool.

Chester is located on the River Dee near the border of Wales, it was granted the status of city in 1541. As a city Chester is full of history as you take a walk around the city you can’t help but admire the buildings. A medieval city with extensive Roman Walls that are made of local red sandstone. The walls surrounding the city measure nearly 2 miles, these walls have a footpath along the top which crosses roads by bridge. As you walk along the walls you will pass structures such as Eastgate Clock which is thought to be the most photographed clock after Big Ben.


Within the city there are some medieval buildings and you will find some black and white buildings located around the city centre, which are Victorian restorations. The Rows are buildings which consist of shops or dwellings on the lowest two storeys which are unique in Britain, these are entered from the main street using steps.


One of the most important surviving buildings in this medieval city is Chester Castle especially the Agricola Tower. Overlooking the River Dee you will find within the complex the remaining parts of the medieval castle with parts of the neoclassical building which are now used as crown courts and a military museum.

Two of the most prominent buildings located in Chester are the Town Hall and Cathedral. The Town Hall has a gothic revival style with its tower and short spire, this was opened in 1869. The Cathedral used to be the church of St Werburgh’s Abbey and has many major restorations in the 19th century, which has seen a separate bell tower opened in 1975. Inside the Cathedral you will find the shrine of St Werburgh as well as finding the former monastic buildings to the north of the cathedral. Outside of the city was you will find the oldest church in Chester called St John’s which used to be the cathedral church.


For those who choose to visit Chester for a small break as well as exploring the city you can venture to Chester Zoo or Cheshire Oaks which is a shopping outlet featuring shops such as Lulu Guinness, Next and Michael Kors. If you wish do a spot of shopping you are also able to remain in Chester instead of venturing to the outlet, within the city you are able to find your main high street stores as well as some local businesses with shops. Around the city there are unique cafes and restaurants such as Flower Cup and Mad Hatter.


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