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Some Changes…..

I used to use Blogger for writing my blogs but I’ve lost the details for logging in to my account and can’t seem to be able to get in to my account which I’ve been desperately trying to do. This made me start doubting as to whether I wanted to continue as it felt as though I’d finally got my page how I wanted it to look and I’d found myself in a flow of ideas for blogs to write in the upcoming weeks. But then I thought I can’t give up easily as I remembered this account I have which I’ve only ever used once so I’m now set about trying to get my page exactly the way I want it to look and I’m going to go forward from here because nothing in life is easy.  So as I start my new blog journey on here I’m hoping to blog at least every Sunday while I get things sorted and there will be another blog on Wednesdays hopefully.  Over the next few months I will possibly recreate blogs that I had written over on my old blog site at 

If you have any ideas for blogs for me to write then feel free to suggest them to me.


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