Long Haul Flight Tips

For some people a long haul flight can be daunting and something that they dread. Personally I prefer a long haul flight to a short flight as I find that I am able to relax more on a long haul flight. In this post I am going to share some tips that I think can help with a long haul flight.

Before boarding my flight I always like to make sure I have something to eat in the airport if I haven’t already eaten before getting to the airport as I find that I never really eat during the flight. It’s also useful to pack some snacks in your hand luggage but make sure you are packing some that you will be able to take through airport security. Sometimes the meals that are served on the plane are not to your taste so if you have snacks you know that you will not be hungry on the flight. Another reason you may not have eaten your meal is that you may be asleep during meal time. During your flight make sure you stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water, if you don’t get any water before your flight to take onboard you will be able to get some from the cabin crew. 

During a long flight being comfortable is important, to help make sure you are comfortable throughout the flight I would recommend wearing comfy clothes. If you don’t wish to walk through the airport in your comfy clothes you can choose to dress smart and then shortly before boarding get changed into comfy clothes.  When I’m travelling on a long haul flight I always like to take some fluffy socks to keep my feet warm as I find that they always get cold on a plane. If you do get cold on the plane there are blankets provided and you can ask the cabin crew for more if needed.

Whilst packing your hand luggage make sure you pack your own headphones as the ones that are provided on the plane are not always any good. I like to have my own headphones as I will also know that they are going to be comfortable. These are also useful for using with my iPad as I like to always make sure I download some TV shows as well as movies in case there is nothing on the inflight entertainment I wish to watch. Taking an iPad or tablet is also useful as there are other uses for this during the flight such as reading or playing games. 

On a long haul flight it’s important to try and have a sleep ,this will help with two things jet lag and adjusting to the new time zone of your destination. 

One of the most important things for onboard a flight is to make sure you are nice to the cabin crew!

What are your tips for surviving a long haul flight?


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