5 Tips for Visiting Dubai

Before a trip to Dubai there are some things that you need to consider as well as while you are in Dubai. 


In Dubai they follow the Islamic law. 

Public displays of affection in Dubai are seen as a way of disrespecting their culture so if you are travelling with your partner don’t hug or kiss in public. 

If your visit to Dubai coincides with Ramadan month you need to be mindful of eating and drinking in public as it is forbidden to eat or drink during daylight hours. Some places may have an area for non-muslims to eat and drink during daylight hours.

When choosing what clothing to wear you need to be respectful of your choice of clothing. There is no need to dress like the locals but I would always cover your knees and shoulders. If you are going to the beach a swimsuit is fine to be worn but before leaving the beach you must cover up. There is a lot more of a western vibe in Dubai than you would expect but it is important to make sure you are still being respectful. 

Visa Requirements

When travelling to Dubai depending on your nationality will depend whether you need a visa or not. If you are from UK, USA, Australia or Canada as well as some other countries you are able to get a free 30 or 90 day visa upon arrival. Further information can be found on the government website

If you wish to extend your visa for longer you are able to do so for a fee. 


If you choose to go during the summer months May-September when it is cheaper you need to be prepared for high temperatures as well as humidity reaching nearly 90%. When going at this time of year you need to ensure you are staying hydrated. 

Personally I think November-April is the best time to visit Dubai as this is when the weather is at a pleasant temperature. This time of year makes it perfect for a winter sun break. 

Transport & Getting Around

I found that getting a taxi to get around Dubai was the easiest way and that it was fairly cheap, if you are getting in a taxi make sure you are getting in one which is clearly marked taxi as there are some which aren’t marked taxi which are more expensive than the standard taxi. If you wish to pay by card in taxi’s you are able to do so. 

If you are wishing to use a public transport system whilst in Dubai there is a metro system but this doesn’t get you  everywhere. The metro only runs til 10pm on weekdays and midnight of a weekend. To use the metro a NOL card is required which is similar to the Oyster card used for the London Underground. When using the metro there are some separate sections which are for women only. More information can be found on the website

A lot of the hotels in Dubai will offer a free shuttle service to either Dubai Mall or Mall of the Emirates which is worth finding out from your hotel as I would recommend a trip to a mall. When I visited Dubai I stayed at JA Oceanview which provided a shuttle service to Mall of the Emirates. 


It can be assumed that Dubai is a dry country but it is not surprisingly but the legal drinking age is 21. Alcohol can be consumed in a licensed setting which are usually hotels, restaurants ands clubs but its worth noting that drinks can be expensive in Dubai. If you are behaving in a disorderly manner whilst in public this can land you in jail. 

Do you have any other tips for visiting Dubai?


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