An explanation to my absence…

Over the last couple of months I’ve been absence from both my blog and social media which has been for various reasons. 

One of the first reasons was I wasn’t happy with anything that I was writing as well as feeling no motivation towards writing anything. I didn’t want to be posting something that I wasn’t happy with. This all started when I came home from a wonderful trip on a Baltic cruise onboard Navigator of the Seas which I will be writing about over the next few months. To make sure that I was posting a post that I was happy with I made the decision to take a break away from blogging. 

Another reason for my absence is I’ve been struggling since coming home to find a balance between working full-time in retail, blogging as well as spending time with family/ friends. I felt as though my trip away just threw me out of my routine which I struggled to get back in to, which a couple of months later I think I’m managing to do.  Before posting my first post I wanted to get ahead with at least an extra two posts which are scheduled to go live over the next few weeks. Over the next few months I do have a lot of post ideas which is the first time this has happened since starting my blog.

And lastly I was feeling totally unhappy with the design of my blog so decided before posting again I wanted to do a redesign of the page. It took me a while to figure out what I wanted my page to look like and I am finally happy with the way that my page is looking. I have also gone self hosted so my page is now .com and not I have also been having a move round with my social media where I’m going to try to be more consistent with posting, which is something I struggle with. On social media I also want to try and connect with more people. In all this redesign I’ve created a logo for my blog as well as some business cards in steps to help go further. 

Blog Logo

Hopefully you all like the way that I’ve redesigned my page. Thank you for your patience whilst I’ve been absence and hopefully this will mean I have managed to figure out a routine which will continue to stick. 

One thing I really want to gain confidence in doing is to post pictures of myself. If a picture features me I am very critical of it and will find a lot of faults in the photo resulting in the photo not getting posted. I want to develop my blog to also go further and to be reaching a lot more people and I also want to try to start working with some travel brands. 



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