Packing Tips

When going on any trip one of the most stressful parts for me is packing. Leading up to any trip I like to keep a check on the weather to give me an idea for what type of clothing I will need to take. I always try to take the bare minimum away with me by taking only the items that I am guaranteed to use during the trip.

When it comes to packing it’s always best to consider what you are going to be doing whilst away as this can help decide what clothes to take. You also need to decide whether you need any outfits for of an evening. I always try to make sure that I only take one outfit for each day and if needed night time outfits for each night, I will possibly take pants where I can wear different tops with them. When it comes to deciding what shoes to wear I find that it’s best to take shoes that are going to be comfortable as well as matching multiple outfits. 

Choosing which toiletries to take is always a hard decision so it’s best to make sure that you are only taking what you will definitely need. Those that you do decide to take try and have them in travel size bottles so that they wont take up a lot of space in luggage. It’s always handy to keep any free sample size toiletries you may get given for when you go on your travels which is something that I do. 


If you are going to be traveling with someone consider sharing electrical items where possible. If you are traveling out of the country you will need to look at what type of plug adaptor you will need for your electricals. 

When it comes to packing I always like to have everything ready on my bed to check before I put it into my luggage. A good investment to have ready for when you are packed is luggage scales. These are useful so that you can check that luggage is not going to be overweight instead of waiting to get to the airport to find out that it’s overweight. If you realise whilst at home it’s possible that you can sort through what you’ve packed and consider leaving stuff behind.


I always like to make sure that I leave enough room for anything that I may wish to buy whilst I’m away. 

Do you have any additional packing tips that you can offer?





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