Travel Planning Tips

Before planning a trip I find that it’s always important to set a budget for the trip. Setting a budget will mean that you will be able to narrow down your search when looking at booking transport, accommodation or any possible excursions. Doing this also helps save time when looking as it means nothing out of your budget should come up in a search if you adjust the price for what you are looking for. 

Before booking any part of my trip I always like to do some research, I like to see what is on offer to do where I am planning to go. Once I’ve found out what is on offer to do I like to find out the location of them so that I can find accommodation which is central. Personally I always find it best to look at a few different hotels and look at the reviews for them before then deciding where I am going to book. When looking at accommodation it’s best to note what you are wanting from your accommodation, you need to consider the following:

Do you want breakfast included?

What type of room would you like?

Do you want somewhere central or out of the way?

Do you want views from your room?

If you are going to a destination where you will need to fly you will need to consider which is your nearest airport also where about the airport is at your final destination. I am lucky enough to live within an hour of Liverpool and Manchester airport although I will more than likely fly from Manchester when traveling. I will sometimes travel down to London if I need to for a flight so this adds more time on to the travel time which is something you need to consider. You need to consider whether you are prepared to travel to an airport that is further in your home country to catch your flight which could mean it would be direct or whether you want to go from your local airport where the flight may not always be direct. Luggage is something that needs to be considered when booking your flight as you need to look what the luggage restrictions are for the airline as well as whether you are required to pay extra for luggage. 

Once at your destination you need to consider whether you want to book transport to take you to your accommodation or whether you want to use the local transport if possible. 

If there are specific excursions or tours that you would like to do at the destination you are visiting it’s best to book these before you travel. It’s possible that there will be one company offering the same or similar excursions so it’s advisable to compare them and make sure that you are booking with a legit company. Sometimes it can be a good idea to set out an itinerary for the duration of your trip so that you can make sure you do everything that you would like to do. 

When doing any research I always find it best to look at other blogs and Pinterest. I find these will give the best advice or tips for where you are planning to travel to. Also consider buying a guide book as these can sometimes be useful to carry around with you as they will also include a map. I also find that looking in travel magazines can give some ideas for what is available at a destination your potentially visiting. 


 Is there anything else you like to do when planning a trip?





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