Packing for a City Break

For any type of trip you are doing I always find it important to try and pack the basics, there is no point to be taking loads of extra items. Going on a city break is a time where I think you do need to minimise what you are taking as there is a good chance you are going to be travelling with a small piece of luggage. If you are flying there are some airlines which now limit to one piece of hand luggage so if you are going to be taking a handbag as well make sure it will fit in to your suitcase if you are travelling with that as hand luggage too.


For this trip I was only going to London so it didn’t matter about my cosmetics although I still took travel size ones. If you are going on a flight its important to make sure you are taking travel size toiletries and that they are in a clear cosmetic bag ready for going through security. For my toiletries I always travel with:
Make-up Remover
Shampoo and Conditioner
Body Wash
Deodorant and Perfume
Dry Shampoo

For any make-up that I’m taking I will take as little as possible, I will try to only take one or two lipsticks as well as my usual foundation, concealer and mascara.


When it comes to taking any electrical items for a city break I will only take my straighteners as I make sure the hotel has a hairdryer that I will be able to use. I will also take an apple charger for both my phone and iPad as well as taking a camera charger.


When choosing what clothes I am going to take I will only take the clothes that I know I will definitely wear. It’s best to pre plan your outfits especially if you are on a space limit in the case, which also leaves room for any souvenirs. If it’s possible I will only take one pair of bottoms but multiple tops for with the bottoms. I will try to only pack one pair shoes as well as the shoes that I’m going to be travelling in.


Do you have any tips for packing for a city break?


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