Tips For A Clear Out

It’s that time of year where we all say we want a fresh start and one way to do that is to possibly have a clear out. I love having a clear out every few months as it makes you realise how much you keep unnecessarily. There are various ways to have a clear out in your life which include:
Shoes and Accessories
Social Media
Paperwork and Mail

When having any kind of clear out I find that it is important to take your time doing it so that you can make sure you don’t throw something away by mistake. If I’m having a clear out I like to make sure that I do it on a day where I have no plans at all.

One of the first things I like to start with when having a clear out is clothes as I feel this always takes the longest. A rule that I have for sorting clothes out is that if I haven’t wore it in the last few months then I don’t really need to keep it as there is obviously a reason I haven’t wore it. This is unless it’s an item which is more for formal wear so this is where I will need to think about whether it’s worth keeping. There are some items of clothing which are kept for sentimental reasons such as a bridesmaid dress that I’ve had since I was a bridesmaid approximately ten years ago. When it comes to sorting out shoes it’s always best to get rid of the shoes that you don’t find comfortable as there is nothing worse than wearing a pair of uncomfortable shoes.

It’s very easy to accumulate a large number of beauty products so when having a clear out it’s best to get rid of stuff if they’ve been open for a long period of time. Also if you don’t use the product anymore then it’s probably best to dispose of it as well.

For a lot of people social media is something that they use everyday for long periods of time. When having a clear out it can be good to have one on social media including twitter, facebook and instagram, so that you can get rid of any of the badness that you may have. This could be following someone who makes who feel bad about yourself without you realising at first.


Sorting out any paperwork or mail that you’ve had for a long time is always a dreaded task but this is something that I think should be done regularly. Sometimes we can keep paperwork for an unnecessary amount of time so it is worth looking through paperwork to see if we still need to keep it and if not dispose of it.

Once finished with a clear out any items that you no longer want you are able to do the following with it:
Charity Shop
Sell (Ebay or Depop)


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