Travel Money Saving Tips

A question that I get asked frequently is how can I afford to travel when I do which is simply by saving. Here are some of the best ways I think it’s possible to save money for that next trip.

Consider whether you need to buy that dress you are looking to buy. If you are going out somewhere and think you need to buy something new, look in your wardrobe first to see if there is anything that you could wear instead. When doing the food shop try to only buy what you need which is easier to do if you plan your meals for the week.

One of the things that I do with my wages is set some aside for travel in what I call my travel fund. If it’s possible have a travel fund where you put money in either weekly or monthly. To try and gather some more money together for your travel fund consider selling any unwanted clothes. Research where you are planning to go so that you have an idea of how much you need to save. Keep an eye out for any deals that are happening for the destination that you are wanting to visit. When it comes to changing your currency have a look to see who is offering the best exchange rate.

Just because you are saving to go on holiday doesn’t mean that you can’t have a social life. To continue having a social life consider going to places which are cheaper or going somewhere thats free.

Whilst at your destination consider using the local transport to get about as this will be cheaper than getting a taxi. Research whether there are any special tickets you can get for the transport which could save you money. Avoid dining or drinking at the main tourist spots as these are likely to be expensive.


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