Travel Keepsakes

When travelling I find that it’s always nice to have that little something as a reminder of where I’ve been.

Sometimes we go to that many places that we forget where we’ve been but a little keepsake can always remind us where we went. That keepsake can also refresh our memory of the trip we’ve had to that destination. There are different ways of having keepsakes, which include fridge magnets, ornaments or photos. Recently I came up with the idea of printing some of my photos from previous trips in a polaroid style so that I can put them in a scrapbook.

I got these printed off on Photobox website where they offer different prices depending on how many you are wanting to print. I got a plain black scrapbook from Hobbycraft so that I can stick the photos in and I’m also going to stick some tickets in from previous travels. I got a plain scrapbook so that it allows me to decorate the cover how I want it to look.

In my bedroom I have glass units where I have collected ornaments from my travels. Every time I go somewhere new I like to buy a ornament or globe of the destination so that I can add it to my collection.

On our family fridge we also have a selection of fridge magnets from our travels and we continue to add to our collection.


Do you have anything that you like to buy or keep from your travels as a keepsake?



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